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Please take a moment to tell us about how your Match is going.

We require that each Big checks in with Big Brothers Big Sisters monthly for the first year of the match, and quarterly thereafter.


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How often have you and your Little been getting together, and what have you been doing?*
How is your Little progressing in school this year? any concerns?*
How is your relationship/communication with your Little's parent/guardian?*
In general, how would you say the overall progress is with your Little?*
Have you had an overnight since we last checked in?*
Do you have any concerns about your Little or your Match? Please explain.*
Do you have any changes coming in your life that may affect your relationship with your Little or your ability to be a committed mentor?*
Has your contact information changed? Has your Little's contact information changed?*

Thank you for being a BIG! Your commitment to your Little is greatly appreciated! Questions? Concerns? Call 740-797-0037.
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